Getting Familiar with Amigoals

What is Amigoals?

Amigoals is an inspiring and innovative way to progress your "Goals-Vision-Passion". Capture your epiphanies on Goals-Vision-Passion (GVP) platform, and then choose a quixotic-way to transform the GVP into reality, into cool connections, into funky play to progress your goals, your vision and your passion.

Quick summary of features:

  • Sign-Up and User Log-In Screens
  • Understanding Home Screens
    • House the GVP feeds of friends and self ….read more
  • View Friend’s GVP Feed
  • Create or Maintain My Profile
  • Add my own unique sexy-GVP
  • Search and Add Friends (= fellow Amigoals)
  • Friend receive Notification to Add as Friend
  • Notification of Friends’ Messages/Comments
  • Like or Comments on Friends’ GVPs
  • Be inspired by my own JMS (Joy-Meaning-Strengths)

Sign-Up and User Log-In Screens


Understanding Home Screens

  • It houses the GVP feeds of friends and self
  • The most current GVP feeds appear on your screen (including GVP feed of your own). A GVP feed is “live” and user add GVP and publish;
  • When you click on one of the friend's GVP feed, it branch into full screen plus features. Try it.
  • Click on the “+” icon to view more.
  • To branch out to your own Profile or add own-GVP, click on “More” icon at Home bottom screen.

Create or Maintain my Profile

Create/maintain profile by:
  • Clicking “More” Icon at Home Screen (bottom section)
  • Add profile photo via Edit button and you are done.
  • If wished, click on Joy-Meaning-Strength circles to add own text
  • If wished, click More icon (bottom section) and add your own-GVP

Add My Own Unique Sexy-GVP (Goal-Vision-Passion)

Add your own GVP by:
  • Click on the “More” icon (at bottom section of screen)
  • Type in (short) Text, if wish
  • Add background photo or image (or just select default)
  • Add (long) Text description, if wish (or import from text entered in JMS section)
  • When ready, click “Publish” icon on top-right corner. Once click “Publish”, it will be live and can be viewed by yourself and your selected amigoals-friends.
  • Else, replace/delete/edit/reset till satisfied before publishing

Search and Add Friends (= Fellow Amigoals)

Search and add friends by:
  • Click on the “Amigoals” icon (at bottom section of Home screen)
  • Send Friend a Request to Add via the Search icon and type in your Friend’s amigoals username (note: you will not be able to send friend a request until and unless your friend has created an amigoals account – just like Skype as an example).

Friend receive Notification to Add as Friend

When your friend received Notification to add you as friend, the sample screen is as follow:

Notification of Friends’ Messages/Comments

Just click on the “Notification” icon at Home Screen (bottom section) and start reading.

Like or Comments on Friends’ GVPs

Like or comments on your friends’ GVPs by:
  • Click on one of your friend's GVP feed and when branch into full screen add “Like” or “Comments” via icons at bottom section of screen