About Us

What is amigoals?

Amigoals is a fun and quixotic way to progress your "Goals-Vision-Passion" as part of your own unique freedom.

Capture your epiphanies on Goals-Vision-Passion (GVP), and then choose a quixotic-feature to transform the GVP (into reality, into cool connections with your A-team or into funky play to achieve your 1st-sweet-million, your goals, your dream, and your unique freedom).

We're building Amigoals to allow you to experience epiphany moments and translations. We imagine a world more beautiful through goals-vision-passions (GVPs).

Our vision-mission: "an app to ephiphanise My-Unique-Freedom, My 1st-Sweet-Mio"

The Team

Tom Ang (Founding-Amigoals)

Tom (tom@) is the visionary and visualization lead as well an activist of Amigoals, a funky social platform that assists you to have epiphanies and quixotic-fun with your unique Goals-Vision-Passion. It provides you with an intimate "stage" to play with your A-Team, choose your best Goals-Vision-Passion (GVP), declare your dream, be superhero productive and journey towards your own unique freedom.

As the Chief Activist ("CAO"), Tom focuses on building solutions that bring out the joy-meaning-and-strengths in each unique individuals and in all of us, one by one. Tom, at times, is reclusive as he wishes to progressively harness his epiphanies and fullest talents for benefit of users. At other times, Tom is a consummate and passionate activist on the immense, yet still unharness, values of the app and associated unique freedom it propagates.

Steven Yuri (Founding-Amigoals)

Yuri (yuri@) is also a founding member of Amigoals - albeit a gentle giant. Yuri is "co-stormer" for Amigoals' operation strategy and tactics. Since the beginning, Yuri has focused on simplicity and inspiring creativity through active engagement. As a result, Amigoals has becomingly the home for Goals-Vision-Passion for every individual, all unique in their own way - from world highfliers to the successfuls, from celebrities to indie musicians, from teen-dreamers to college cool achievers and anyone with Goals-Vision-Passion.

Besides a co-founder of amigoals, Yuri is also a critically acclaimed guitarist and a motivational public speaker.

Anita Levy (Founding Amigoals)

Anita Levy (anita@) is the Chief Diversity Officer . As the Chief Diversity Officer of Amigoals, Anita focuses on the poetic, the diversity, the "Bossa Nova" and the linguist-revolutionary sections of Amigoals.

Natalie Ken Yi (Founding Amigoals)

Natalie (natalie@) is the Chief Designer. As the Chief Designer (CDee), Natalie focuses on the overall design of Amigoals solution. She is the "teen-mind" of Amigoals.

David Christopher (Founding-Amigoals)

DC (dc@) is our 1st Brand Ambassador and also our Chief Voice Officer. As the voice of Amigoals, DC focuses on the effortless cool aspects of Amigoals.

TanMama (Founding-Amigoals)

TanMama (tanmama@) is a key inspiration on algorithm of love, especially unconditional love that provides the base for each unique and special Goals-Vision-Passion. A co-founder attested that without TanMama, Amigoals will probably not exist. She is Amigoals' sustaining love and force.