Ode to Poets-Indie Musicians

amigoals' proposition

Visualize this startup as the startup that is co-owned by all poets-and- indie musicians! A startup when worth billion dollar shall belongs to all poets-and-indie musicians, where all poetic-indies will be paid the ideal stable income of $70,000. A startup where poetic-indie can be proud off and have a home base to fight againt goliath enterprises (be it pseudo-named Apple Radio, Spotify, Pandora, etc.) that continuously squeeze and lower the income of indie musicians - but itself earns billion dollar in valuation, etc in enriching self.

Where is the giveback to all musicians by these tech goliaths, amigoals dare to ask?

They probably think, believe and/or opined that all of you are earning too much or can live decently by just being (i.e. without being paid even at minimum wage) or they just don't want to understand nor care too much. Amigoals care and determine to make that difference to indie musicians (the poets of this world). Amigoals is determine to show that all these poets create and produce as much as these techies, if not more. And as visionary, as disruptive and as productive.

Amigoals' pitch and call to all indie musicians is to consolidate all (or as much) our "start-it-up" energies, resources and creativities - our poetic values, our "humanity engineering" prowess (not only techies are deemed "engineers" or "whizz") and to move ahead into frontier of startup spaces, to be as relevant, to negotiate at our consolidated best and be paid commensurately for our contributions to the global economy and productivity. And yes, we can also be digital savvy and be big-heart poetic at the same time.

Amigoals pitch that we consolidate under 1 Start Up - be it amigoals or other startup that is willing to share the future startup billion with poets of this world.

It is a long (startup) road and as the sage once said: a thousand journey, starts with the first step. Amigoals has taken it's first step, join us by taking that first (startup) step as well.

Sign-up with Amigoals and let's Moon-Shoot ahead, together!