Rebel Apple

Rebel with a Cause (against Apple) - "Rebel Apple"!

Rebel against Apple Music for making musicians even poorer.Activism via sustainable rebelling that goliath $100b+ cash rich Apple to do its little part to support marginalised musicians (e.g. musicians in Australia earns on average $3,000 per year ($250 per month) - yes, $250 per month, way below the minimum wage line!).Apple with its Apple Radio indirectly helps to further impoverise musicians. "Read more" ("link in progress") and emperical studies to prove the case should be in progress.

What are Amigoals' proposals (activism)?

Apple to do its part to support marginalised musicians with economic sustainable activities - a win-win premise and a mere pennies of its $100B+ cash pile. Propose idea-elements include:

  1. Hire marginalise musicians at Apple Stores worldwide (e.g. to sing-perform-DJ - in essence work and be as productive. And yes, sing-perform-DJ-ing are real productive work! )
  2. Hire these musicians minimum 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week and with hourly rate that is commensurate with sustainable living (e.g. $60 per hour, minimum);
  3. Apple to support marginalized musicians with an open sourced Indie Musician Radio that is owned by musicians, run by musicians and for the benefit of musicians and humanity! [Yes, these poets of the world needs help from Goliath Rich to continue helping to make this world beautiful and poetic]. This Radio (when valued in billions) shall be owned and operated by Indie Musicians.

Envisaging Goliath $100b+ cash-rich Apple will be very slow to act or support, amigoals will take up this cause, this rebelling, this activism, this support-responsibility.

amigoals will start-up Apple Rebel Stores and help demonstrate to Apple "live" the win-win premise and also demonstrate Apple founders' raw authentic and creative spirit that is now seems lost (amidst the huge $100B cash pile). That "garage grunge innovative-sort of spirit" where humanity counts much more than money counts.

Oh yes, Amigoals will REBEL and be as CREATIVE-Productive!!
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