SingleMomsFashion @amigoals ET start-up


SuperSingleMoms seamstresses and designers jointly start-up SingleMomsFashion ET (enterprise) during Covid-19 pandemic time to eco-sustain at home, to be as productive still and also to help out in the production of fabric face masks for general public. Mothers, all over the world, are our amazing superwomen and without their never-ending care and nurture, our world will be a lesser place. SingleMomsFashion is a social enterprise initiative that has ambitious goals-vision-passion to make a difference in Australia and the world (in the long-run) – to help as many single mothers to sustain and progress. Ode to Fashion, Ode to Single Moms!  Amigoals is very proud and privilege to be part of this endeavour, this social enterprise. Please support via this link:   Contact us if you wish to participate.

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