Ray Dalio @ amigoals R&D

As the aging-gravity [and illness (in Ray’s case, cancer) ] takes it’s natural course and/or awaken a person to give as much, Ray Dalio (the billionaire founder of hedge fund Bridgewater) poured his life learning into his latest book “Principles”

One of Ray Dalio’s key sharing of self-leadership is similar to amigoals’ No.1 point: it is so so valuable to self that “one slays all of one’s own subconscious fear and be fearless” – No. 1 pre-requisite to be Super-Hero productive. Ray uses the term “amygdala” to equate subconscious fears and “radical openness” to equate “be fearless”.

If you cannot afford to buy the book, please contact amigoals (amigoals@gmail.com) and we will endeavour to send you a  copy of the e-book. Amigoals believe Ray do not mind as it is for a good cause.

If you are passionate about finance and hedge fund (say in New York, like Ray Dalio), please contact amigoals. Amigoals will assist as Amigoals is in the philantrophy work of helping people and helping him/her to be fearless in pursuit of his/her’s passionate endeavours – to a more peaceful world.

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