“My Unique Freedom” Series


The Quest for “My Unique Freedom” is generally challenging, yet not difficult.

The most challenging step is the 1st Step which is:

“My willingness to search for all my subconcious fears!”

The above is the most difficult (yet most essential) STEP to take, in one’s endeavour to one’s own unique freedom. If your willingness is there and continues in a determine manner, the rest is fairly simple.

“My Unique Freedom” Definition

amigoals’ definition =

“My own unique Progressive FEELINGS of PEACE-within, yet FEELING of Superhero-Productive, without an iota of subconscious fear circling within my subconscious mind.”

In Simple Equation =

Progressive FEELINGS of PEACE-within*

+ FEELINGS of SuperHero Productive*

+ FEELING not a single iota of SubConscious Fear in my soul or subconscious mind*

[* “If I feel-sense-speak of “don’t know, don’t wish to know, giving reasons/excuses, feels emotional turmoil, self harm, jealousy, comparison-competiveness vis-a-vis others etc”, (all these are words, semantics opposite of “My Unique Freedom”), in amigoals’ terms and best visualisation =>  there are some work needed re your Unique Freedom, which is very precious and valuable].  We, human, is generally irrational and silly to continue our mental self-harm. “Irrational”, as subconscious do not “think” in logic – instead it “think” on feelings and embedded pictures-movies]

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